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In a collaborative effort, the Friends Board and the Principal work together to assess ongoing funding needs of Ogden. When a need is identified for which funding is not available within Ogden’s budget and the Principal has approved it, the Friends of Ogden Board will vote on making a donation to the school. If approved, the funds are released directly to the vendor providing the goods or services to Ogden. When considering donations, the Friends of Ogden’s priorities are to provide donations that will benefit a broad group of students for an extended period of time and to make equitable donations to both of Ogden’s campuses.

Friends of Ogden allows guests to attend our meetings for the sole purpose of presenting a funding proposal.

To get started, complete the Proposal Form below. The completed form must be presented to the Board. Friends of Ogden meetings are not open to the public, but projects that are funded will be shared with the community.

NOTE: Proposal forms must be received by the final Monday of each month in order to be reviewed by Friends of Ogden the following month. Forms received after the final Monday of each month may not be reviewed for one month’s time.


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