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Friends of Ogden School, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization  registered with the State of Illinois,  Federal Tax # 36-3802614.

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 Thank you to everyone who supported The Soiree 2017! 

Thank you for the support! If you have any questions,

please contact events@friendsofogden.com

Friends of Ogden, the non-profit corporation that is solely dedicated to raising funds to supplement educational programming at The Ogden International School of Chicago, is excited to announce The Soiree 2017,
a celebration of the Ogden community.

Over the years, the Ogden community has generously supported every type of event that Friends of Ogden has hosted - from our informal cocktail events to The Soiree. Friends offers a wide variety of events to engage our entire Ogden community. Friends will continue to engage the community and to raise funds for Ogden.

Funds raised will be donated directly to The Ogden International School of Chicago. 
Friends of Ogden will be consulting with administration to determine needs.


Friends of Ogden raises money to donate for educational programming at The Ogden International School of Chicago.  Founded in 1991 to help purchase playground equipment, Friends of Ogden is a small non-profit organization of volunteers. Our Board includes parents, community members, faculty and staff.  

Our team of volunteers has assisted Friends of Ogden in raising money for decades. Past donations have been for projects at East Campus and West Campus. 

Watch this short film highlighting our 2014-2015 projects, made by Ogden Alum Justin Rivera. Click here to see current projects. 


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For more than 25 years, Friends of Ogden has been raising funds to donate to further the educational mission of The Ogden International School of Chicago.

In that time, this 501(c)(3) corporation has worked tirelessly to supplement Ogden’s funding sources and maintain the rigorous, engaging, enriching learning experiences that make Ogden one of the city’s highest performing schools.

Please consider making a donation to Friends of Ogden. Today more than ever, our neighborhood public school needs additional  sources of funding. 

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The Ogden International

School of Chicago

Educational needs are not seasonal, which is why our year-round fundraising is important.  Every dollar raised helps support donations to The Ogden International School of Chicago.  How can you help?

Ask your employer if they have a matching funds program. Other ways to help us? Shop with Amazon Smile and choose Friends of Ogden as your charity. 


Are you curious about the fundraising process? Here are some answers. 

Where does the money go once it is donated to Friends of Ogden?

The money raised through your generous donations is donated to Ogden to supplement and to further the educational mission of the school. 

In recent years, the funding has been primarily used to donate upgraded school technology and furniture and materials for additional classrooms needed to accommodate Ogden’s growing population.

Friends of Ogden is a not-for-profit corporation, but we have operational expenses and expenses associated with our events. Every dollar you donate goes directly to donations to Ogden or to cover our limited expenses. None of our team is paid and we all pay full price for tickets for all of our events. 

Here is a look at some of our past projects:

How are funding needs determined?

In a collaborative effort, the Friends Board and the Principal work together to assess ongoing funding needs of Ogden. When a need is identified for which funding is not available within Ogden’s budget and the Principal has approved it, the Friends of Ogden Board will vote on making a donation to the school. If approved, the funds are released directly to the vendor providing the goods or services to Ogden. When considering donations, the Friends of Ogden’s priorities are to provide donations that will benefit a broad group of students for an extended period of time and to make equitable donations to both of Ogden’s campuses.

Friends of Ogden allows guests to attend our meetings for the sole purpose of presenting a funding proposal. A proposal form must be presented to the Board at least three days prior to the meeting. Friends of Ogden meetings are not open to the public, but projects that are funded will be shared with the community.

How do I know what Friends of Ogden has funded?

We will update current project information on this website on a regular basis. Please click here for current projects. 

Have more questions? Please ask us. 

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