projects by funded by friends of ogden

The money raised through your generous donations supplements the funding Ogden receives and is used to further the educational mission of the school. In recent years, the funding has been primarily used to upgrade and improve school technology and to purchase furniture and materials for additional classrooms needed to accommodate Ogden’s growing population.



$21,095.20 Classroom Furniture at East Campus and West Campus

$13,000 Stipends for middle school athletic coaches

$10,000 LIFE Program for curriculum based international study (includes costs to Ogden middle and high school students in international study)

$ 3,000 High School Robotics Team start up costs

$ 448.45 Lunch for students at beginning of year Freshmen orientation

$ 2,820 Back to school luncheon for all faculty and staff during professional development

$30,000 Staffing Emergency at East Campus

$ 2,830 Orchestra Program at West Campus instrument purchase and rental

$ 700 Pizza for IB Party for Alumni and IB Diploma Ceremony for 2015 Graduates

$ 1,050 Debate Team participation costs

$ 1,500 Mission trip to Ecuador

$ 1,400 Ogden classroom gardens at East Campus

$ 2,911.15 Landscaping at East Campus

$ 1,376 Teacher appreciation week at East Campus and West Campus

$ 1,350 I love Ogden video contest prizes

$ 220 Pizza for West campus peer mediation event

$ 2,504.00 Anti bullying campaign and assembly at West Campus

$ 562.50 Volunteer Appreciation Day at East Campus

$ 800 Family Field Day 2016

$ 3,000 West Campus Special Education Life Skills Chromebooks for diverse learners and Hard of Hearing Program

$ 500 5th Grade Step Up Day pizza lunch for students

$ 500 Chaperone lunches for Senior luncheon

$ 5,000 Graduating Senior scholarships



$7,700 for Special Education needs at East Campus, including a new Sensory Room

$7,400 for Special Education needs at West Campus

$2,750 for a Strings Program at West Campus

$52,000 for Classroom Furniture at East Campus and West Campus

$9,865 for Electrical Work in East Campus Computer Lab

$60,000 for Computer Lab Furniture at East Campus

$9,275 for Electrical Work in West Campus Computer Lab

$350 for the PAL Program

$10,000 commitment to the LIFE Program

Up to $12,500 in matching funds for Teacher and Staff Professional Development

$1,000 to the Newberry Library for off-site Diploma Programme testing space

$5,000 for two $2,500 Scholarships to graduating seniors

$5,275 for Landscaping at East Campus



$32,000 – furniture for additional classrooms at the East Campus

$20,000 – iPads for the junior class at West Campus

$17,500 – Smartboards for both campuses

$4,400 – staff professional development

$2,600 – supplemental funding to the amount raised at the Soiree by the Alumni Association for two $2,500 scholarships awarded to two seniors at graduation