projects by funded by friends of ogden

The money raised through your generous donations supplements the funding Ogden receives and is used to further the educational mission of the school. In recent years, the funding has been primarily used to upgrade and improve school technology and to purchase furniture and materials for additional classrooms needed to accommodate Ogden’s growing population.



$930.00 Jenner Comics Creation Society 

$6,744.00 Fund 4 middle school students to attend Washington DC Trip 

$250.00 Diploma Programm lunch

$1500.00 String Bass Instruments for West Campus Orchestra

$200.00 8th grade Reparations Won Curriculum

$1,235.00 Sensory room at Jenner Campus for the Student Voice Committee

$2,750.00 Jenner Campus Student SEED Workshops

$11,911.00     Robotics Team World Championship

$450.00        Color Fest Celebration, West Campus

$180.00         Professional Development Growth Mindset Program for 3rd Grade, East Campus

$1,671.29       Professional Development Teacher’s College Summer Writing Institute, East Campus

$2,587.94       Ron Clark Academy Educator Training (2 teachers), East Campus

$1,500.00      Gardening Supplies for East Campus

$1,100.00       Gaming Trucks Jenner Field Day

$3,935.82       1st grade Reading Workshop PD for 2 Teachers 

$600.00         Black Student Union Dance (West Campus) 

$2,650.00       PD Development Certification Program-Yoga & Wellness (East Campus Teacher)

$2,650.00       PD Development Certification Program-Yoga &  Wellness (West Campus Teacher) 

$450.00          2nd grade Writers Workshop for 3 East Campus Teachers

$35.00            Elementary School Membership to Field Museum Harris Learning Collection 

$1,662.05       Boys Volleyball Assistant Coach (Jenner Campus)

$1,662.05       Girls Softball Assistant Coach (Jenner Campus)

$381.00          PYP Completion Ceremony Glasses (Jenner Campus)

$4,598.25       Field Day Activities (West Campus)

$1,756.00       Field Day T-shirts (Jenner Campus)

$1,018.50        8th grade picnic (Jenner Campus)

$500.00          SAT achievement Incentives (West Campus) 

$1,175.00        Orton-Gillingham Training for East Campus Teacher

$3,200.00       Stephanie Harvey Consultant for PD Training at East



$3,000.00 West Campus recruitment efforts

$500.00 East Campus for International Week

$6,000.00 The Ogden Robotics Club 

$770.00 West Campus Math Team

$6,640.00 West Campus Calculators

$2,232.80 West Campus furniture

$1,805.00 West Campus PTO

$1,000.00 West Campus Soccer Goals

$2,300.00 West Campus LIFE Program

$60.00 East Campus 4th Grade Team for math, art and culture experience

$2,249.40 West Campus LIFE program (France)

$2,065.00 West Campus LIFE program (Mexico)

$7,500.00 3 $2,500 college scholarships to seniors

$1,946.24 East Campus Planting Day

$1,000.00 West Campus field day 

$4,257.33 East Campus SPED/OWLS NEST

$24,993.80 2 recess monitors at Jenner Campus for 2018-2019 school year

$15,724.80 positive play recess at East Campus for 2018-2019

$3,250.00 Window Washing at Jenner Campus

$5,500.00 Window Washing at East Campus

$5,000.00 PTO

$6,455.80 additional for recess monitors at Jenner

$462.00 kindergarten curriculum books at East Campus

$4,900.00 Robotics team

$250.00 West Campus for student led social service fair

$1880.00 Freshman English Team at West Campus (Macbeth field trip) 

$1,125.00 East Campus Elementary Leadership Team

$1,000.00 East Campus International Week



$2,202.00 East Campus – Kindergarten Stretch and Grow

$5,015.00 Professional Development training for staff

$5,928.00 East Campus chairs

$1,273.00 West Campus – anti bullying program

$2,500.00 Robotics Team 

$1,400.00 Teacher Appreciation

$1,700.00 East Campus gardening project

$5,000.00 Two $2,500 scholarships to graduating seniors

$16,200.00 East Campus – fencing along Walton St. Garden 

$6,850.00 East Campus – pavers on the plaza 

$17,305.00 East Campus – turf for the roof 

$250.00 PTA Walk-a-thon Sponsorship  

$250.00 Thank you for room parent volunteers 

$1662.95 East Campus Sensory Room

$500.00 East Campus equipment for new dance room

$374.00 West Campus LIFE program-hosting exchange students from Italy 

$1071.00 West Campus Peer Mentor Program

$2,935.00 Stretch n’ Grow for Kindergarten classrooms

$4,200.00 West Campus Chairs 

$3,067.34 East Campus Sensory Room



$670.55 West Campus - Pizza for IB party for alumni and IB Diploma ceremony for 2015 graduates

$1,500.00 West Campus Debate Team - coach stipend

$1,500.00 West Campus - mission trip to Ecuador

$1,350.00 “I Love Ogden” video contest prizes 

$220.00 West Campus - pizza for peer mediation event

$562.50 East Campus - Volunteer Appreciation Day 

$1,376.00 Teacher Appreciation Week at East Campus and West Campus

$2,504.33 West Campus - anti bullying campaign and assembly

$105.82 West Campus - college fair refreshments

$316.18 Ogden Book Club

$1,541.00 East Campus - Ogden classroom gardens

$2,911.15 East Campus – professional landscaping

$768.06 West Campus - 5th Grade Step Up Day at West Campus - pizza lunch for students 

$5,000.00 West Campus - scholarships for two graduating seniors

$2,609.26 West Campus Special Education - life skills materials for diverse learners

$500.00 East Campus - Lost Boys of Sudan presentation

$500.00 West Campus - Principals Breakfast to promote high school

$750.00 Family Field Day 2016 

$1,400.00 West Campus LIFE Program – Milan visitors

$915.00 West Campus Math Team 

$6,000.00 Middle School - stipends for coaches for winter & spring sports 

$2,745.00 West Campus Debate Team - travel costs for national competition in Atlanta

$1,900.00 West Campus Orchestra - two violin purchases and two bass rentals

$2,261.84 West Campus Special Education technology



$8,592.00 West Campus LIFE Program - for curriculum based international study for Ogden middle and high school students 

$350.00 PAL Program – student tutoring program

$5,275.00 East Campus – professional landscaping

$5,000.00 West Campus - scholarships for two graduating seniors 

$21,095.20 Classroom furniture at East Campus and West Campus

$5,000.00 Stipends for middle school athletic coaches 

$448.45 West Campus - high school orientation lunch

$2,820.00 Back to school luncheon for all faculty and staff during professional development

$3,000.00 Robotics Team start-up costs

$3,180.00 West Campus Orchestra - instrument purchase and rental

$30,000.00 East Campus - contribution to school to supplement budget cuts and cover staffing emergency


Highlights from 2012-2014

$32,000 Furniture for additional classrooms at the East Campus

$20,000 iPads for the junior class at West Campus

$17,500 Smartboards for both campuses

$4,400 Staff professional development

$2,600 Supplemental funding to the amount raised at the Soiree by the Alumni Association for two $2,500 scholarships awarded to two seniors at graduation